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Hi, I'm Debra.


A gatherer of women, intuitive guide, healer, writer, retreat creator, and an advocating voice for the Divine Feminine. My calling is to help you ignite the divine soul fire inside, live aligned, and step up and into your power and purpose.


Divine Soul Fire started as a whisper from that still small voice inside me…  you know the one. She calls you, too. When I first heard these three words, I thought they were the name of my next book. I quickly purchased the website URL and it collected cyber dust for over 4 years.


This website currently holds my blog... and will eventually host access to my workshop and retreat offerings.  This sacred space is where we are free to re-awaken the power and light within ourselves, to remember who we really are, and reconnect to the divine soul fire within us.


Are you ready to own your power?

Do you desire growth, progress, abundance, love, and deep satisfaction from your life? 

If you answered with a HOLY YES and are seeking the sublime growth that is accomplished with an intuitive guide and includes connection to the divine, working with all God has blessed us with here on Earth, taking control of your emotions, stepping into your power, shifting your subconscious, and much much more - YOU are in the right place, at the right time.


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