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Happy Brigid's Day + Imbolc

Happy Brigid’s Day + Imbolc!

It’s time to rise up and shine a light on the first official Irish National Holiday on Brigid’s Day 2023. Their first national holiday to celebrate a WOMAN.

Lá Fhéile Bríde (Brigid’s Day) is a Gaelic traditional festival - also known as Imbolc. It marks the beginning of spring, and for Christians, it is the feast day of Saint Brigid. It is held February 1-2, which is about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

In Celtic mythology, Brigid was a triple goddess - full of contradiction. She was associated with healing and passion and fire. Further complicating matters, Brigid was a goddess of serenity (my guiding word this year!), poetry, and water as well. Evidence of her has been found throughout Ireland, reflecting her importance as a powerful, yet personal deity. When she was not protecting mothers and newborn children, Brigid inspired many of the writers and poets for which Ireland is internationally renowned.

I am deeply drawn to her. My love of poetry, call to heal, and passionate, fiery side are all embraced by her archetype. She feels like home to me.

The Christian saint who took her name, born in 450 AD, carried some of those same associations as the Matron Saint of poets and midwives.

Like many other feasts and celebrations on the Irish calendar, Brigid predates Christianity – her roots lie in the Celtic festival of Imbolc, the feast of the goddess Brigid, celebrated at least five millennia ago.

From the shadows into the light… The Divine Feminine is rising across the globe to BALANCE the masculine energy that has been too long in “control over” things. The feminine energy our Creator wove into each of us is being called to rise up and show the world what power with one another looks like.

“ Brigid is the bridge, crossing the threshold from Goddess to Saint, Celtic to Christian, North and South, winter and spring, water and fire, masculine and feminine, ancient and modern.” - Treacy O’Connor

“The time has come to write a new story of unity and equality, by celebrating Ireland’s Celtic Goddess and matron Saint Brigid equally to our world famous St. Patrick.” Quote from this Brigid’s Day website

Feeling like honoring your Celtic roots and honoring Brigid this weekend?

Here are ways I have chosen this year… maybe one will inspire you!

1: Light a candle and say a blessing. I have a red beeswax candle ready to go! Here is a sweet blessing from Molly at Brigid’s Grove:

May I walk in enchantment.

May I dwell in mystery.

May I move in beauty.

May I inhabit curiosity.

May I occupy wonder.

May I serve magic.

2: Take a walk in your neighborhood and search for the first blooms of the season. I will also be taking a photo of it and writing a poem or haiku to honor the moment.

3: Create a FEAST! Traditional foods to include: colcannon (cabbage + potatoes), dumplings, baked bread, milk, eggs, dried fruits, and winter veggies. More food inspiration here.

4: Make/Hang a Brigid’s Cross

They honor the goddess and St. Brigid. When you hang them above your front door they will protect and bless your home for the coming year. How to Video.

Whether you choose to honor this day or not, thank you for reading more about this divine goddess and saint. Learning the stories of these strong, divine women in history is a beautiful way to honor them.

Wrapping You in Love + Light,

Additional Inspiration and Resources:

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