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December Full Cold Moon

Dearest, it’s time to charge water and baubles under the moonbeams! Together, let's revel in honoring the divine cycles our Creator created and soak in the magic of this one.

Today, Wednesday, 12/7, at 8:09pm PT, the Cold Moon arrives and will be our final Full Moon of 2022.

December is traditionally a time for culminations and celebrations. December’s Full Cold Moon is in Gemini and the spiritual meaning inspires us to start vision-casting what we want to bring into our life. This month’s Full Moon also reminds us that we’ve completed an entire trip around the sun!

Now is a beautiful moment to focus on all the good things you experienced this year and all the magnificent things headed your way.

As I get older, I see how deeply the world has gotten this season backward. The media tells us December is all about the hustle and hurry. We are supposed to make sure we attend every soirée, shop for everyone on our list, run ragged getting cards to everyone, plan out our business for 2023 in deep detail, and so much more. It’s exhausting just thinking about the “go go go” messaging!

This is another reason why I love looking to Nature for clues. December’s Cold Moon spiritual meaning corresponds with the dormant energy all around us - just as God intended it to be. The trees lose their leaves for a reason. It’s a divine time for releasing and reflecting - a reminder and opportunity to recharge and reconnect. For me, this magical season is full of soul-searching, transformation, and deep internal work.

I have learned it is possible to pause, rest, and reflect. Start by remembering you are worthy regardless of what you accomplished this year, what your bank account says, or the extravagant gifts you give. Do your best to use this time under the Cold Moon to rest. Take a cue from the bears and “hibernate”. Slow down and be fully present in activities that truly bring you joy and pleasure.

Let every fold of the wrapping paper be a ritual.

Let every song or carol you sing be a form of Worship.

Let every hug you give or receive be intentional, and may you be totally present to exchange the energy.

Here are a couple of things to consider weaving into the week ahead:

First, focus on being grateful.

Gratitude promotes better mental health, supports deep, restful sleep, and strengthens relationships… all things we strive for - especially around the holidays. Implement a ritual to help you finish the year grateful. It could be a gratitude jar, a journal where you list 3 things you are thankful for each day or a daily meditation that centers you in a place of gratitude. Whatever you choose, please surround yourself with loving, nurturing words, music, and souls.

I encourage you to listen in to this conversation Molly and I had around Gratitude:

Second, take some time to journal. Choose to answer some of these questions or start writing whatever flows from you!

  • Where is my mind saying one thing, and my heart is saying another?

  • What is asking to be shifted in my life or energy?

  • Which of my perspectives is being challenged?

  • Where can I be more flexible?

  • What am I learning about showing up for myself and others authentically?

  • How am I integrating joy and fun into my life these last few weeks of the year?

  • What would I like to do to bring more holiday magic to the season?

  • Do I embrace new ideas with comfort? If not, why?

Even if you don’t have all of the answers now, trust the messages you need will find you at the exact right time.

Praying the rituals that fill your soul find you, my beloved.


Snowy Moon photo by Mateusz Klein on Unsplash

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