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March Full Crow Moon

March 2023's Full Moon is here. On the West Coast, she will be at her fullest on Tuesday, March 7th at 4:40am.

My favorite of the names given to this Moon is the Full Crow Moon. It is the final Full Moon of Winter and is preparing us for Spring... This moon is divinely designed for reflection and springtime renewal.

Take some time over the next couple of days to reflect on the fresh starts taking place all around you. On my walk today, I took time to look down at and take photos of the tiny green shoots popping up from the soil and gaze up at the buds starting to grow on the tree branches. LIFE is ready to burst open!

It’s time to plant seeds (both figuratively and literally) you can harvest and reap the rewards of later this year. What intentional actions and focused energy can you invest NOW to help out your future self? It’s time to get specific.

The Full Moon is also the perfect time for some inner work. Over the next few days, use these journal prompts to help focus your intentions.

1: What patterns do I no longer resonate with and already sense of releasing from my life?

2: What new patterns would I like to create?

3: What seeds do I need to plant to bring them to life?

4: What new results am I seeking to experience from the seeds I am planting?

5: Where can I practice trusting myself more through this process?

6: What have I done lately to make myself proud?

If you had any hesitation or found yourself thinking negative, self-limiting thoughts - please take some time to journal those thoughts.

For instance, if you couldn't think of something you have done lately to make yourself proud and that prompt took you down a rabbit hole of reliving all of the moments you felt doubt or didn't believe in or trust yourself... write that down.

Now, take out some individual slips of paper and write out each negative, self-limiting thought. We need to burn those up!

Your paper might read:

“I release the shame of not trusting myself.”

Write out as many as you’d like.

Then, burn each piece of paper. (Safely, please.)

My personal process this month... I created my sacred space with comfy blankets, my journal, and a Full Moon tea. I also made sure to request quiet time from my hubby. Next, I lit a delicious Jasmine incense that filled my space with the promise of spring flowers to come.

Once I journaled my answers, I grabbed some of the River Birch Bark I gathered on my nature walks) and wrote out the negative, self-limiting thoughts I wanted to release.

I filled a “heat safe” bowl with water, added in some herbs (rosemary, lavender, rose petals, and elements of cedar from my garden are always in my bowl), and burned each piece of papyrus - focusing on releasing my grip on whatever I wrote. NOTE: Burning birch papyrus can create some serious smoke, so be sure to do this outside.

If you have a fire pit or fireplace - those are great options for a burning ceremony. If you don’t want to use fire at all - you can simply place the papers in a water bowl to drown them and then bury them.

I love words and the power they evoke, so of course, as I burn each one I say this:

"I release the thoughts and emotions triggered by this. I release all that no longer serves me or helps me in reaching my highest potential. I am grateful for the lessons each challenge taught me and now call in abundance and positivity for the month ahead.”

When you’re ready to end the ceremony - simply close out by saying “And so it is. Amen.” (or whatever language your sacred practice involves)

As always, gather your water, baubles, crystals, pens, journals, glasses, skincare, and creative tools to set out so they can soak in the moonbeams and positive energy. Be sure to gather them all first thing in the morning - before the sun shines upon them!

Happy Full Moon, Beloved.

Wrapping you in love and light,

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