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January New Moon 2024

I love that the first New Moon of 2024 is today... the first 11th of the year!

Allow this New Moon to support your guiding word or energize you as you reflect and walk through the process of choosing one.  

In addition to honoring or choosing your guiding word, I encourage you to invest time over the next few days to answer these reflection questions:

  1. What have I released since the full moon?

  2. How can I help bring my goals and intentions to fruition?

  3. What seeds am I ready to plant?

As a physical celebration and representation of this New Moon, I encourage you to venture out this weekend and purchase a Money Plant. When you tend to your plant, whether watering it, pruning it, or simply enjoying watching it grow… take a moment to reflect on your guiding word. Print out your acrostic and read each supporting sentence out loud over your plant... or play your playlist while you spend time with it.

As for me, I will be reveling in magical moments of hygge for the rest of the month.

Hygge is a Danish concept that encompasses a feeling of coziness, contentment, and well-being. It emphasizes creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, often involving soft lighting (lots of candles!), comfortable furnishings, cozy fires in the hearth, and the enjoyment of simple pleasures. 

Hygge encourages a sense of togetherness and connection with loved ones, in a relaxed and unhurried environment. Ultimately, it's about embracing the present moment and finding joy in life's simple moments.

I hope you'll join me.

Wrapping you in love and light,


If you haven’t chosen your word yet, there is always time! You can download the 2024 guidebook here.

It will help you choose your word, walk you through creating an acrostic or acronym, and share ways to support it throughout the year!

My word is ROARING... take a peek at my acrostic to inspire you on your journey!

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