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May New Moon 2024

Hello, Beloved.

Happy May New Moon Day! I love this time of year. The greens are electric, the buds are bursting, and birds are singing… Spring is in FULL EFFECT.

There is a beautiful flow of Divine energy. It is time to plant seeds and set divine intentions for the month ahead.

Here are things you can do to soak in the magic of the New Moon energy.

1: Ground Yourself

Take a walk. Spend time in your garden. Walk barefoot in the forest. Build a stone cairn. Watch the wildlife in your yard. Enjoy a picnic lunch. Create art with nature using leaves, rocks, twigs... you get the idea!

2: Sprinkle Beauty Around Your World

Whether redecorating one room in your home or adding fresh plants or flowers to brighten up a special corner, invest time this month in adding beauty around you.

3: Take Pleasure in the Little Things

Create a healthy meal. Rub your dog or cat’s belly. Give yourself a facial. Ask your lover to brush your hair or rub your feet… and ask what would bring them pleasure.

4: Speak Delicious Words Over Yourself

"I joyfully align my energies, anchoring myself firmly in the center of my being. I savor the divine love and light surrounding me. I embody grace. May all that no longer serves me be cleared and cleansed away. May I feel weightless and empowered by this purification. I am securely grounded and boundlessly free to rise. Within me, only love resides."

5: Support Your Intentions Through Journaling

  • What does my heart truly desire?

  • What does my soul need to move forward?

  • What practices can I do to cultivate and create a beautiful inner world for myself?

  • What boundaries am I setting to support my growth and well-being?

  • What emotions and thought patterns do I want to release?

  • I am setting the intention to _________________________.

After you answer these questions, free flow the intentions you'd like to set for the month ahead to help you focus and honor them.

Want to write but not in the mood for traditional journaling? Write a letter to all of your beautiful dreams, desires, and manifestations welcoming them into your life!

Wrapping you in love and light,

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