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January Full Wolf Moon

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

January’s Full Moon is known as the “Wolf Moon”.

Why you ask? It traditionally came at a time when wolves were more likely to be heard howling! (According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac)

The divinely powerful energy of the Full Moon is linked with the spirit of womanhood and many ceremonies are a sacred space for women. Now is the perfect time to clear yourself and your space of negative energy.

God created everything we need here on Earth to soak in all of this power and light. For instance, burning sage or Palo Santo incense will help you cleanse your body and space. Light it and intuitively walk around your home saying a prayer to bless each space. Work the smoke around your own body to cleanse and bless yourself.

Ritualistically, the goal of the Full Moon is manifesting the intentions you set in the New Moon phase of this Divine Cycle. The Full Moon phase is the ideal time to deepen your intentions.

I encourage you to embrace a practice designed to soothe, restore, and guide you on the path to shake off any shame or heaviness associated with what you are releasing. For me, this has been writing down and burning what I seek to leave behind. When I clear my soul space of what no longer serves me or my highest purpose, I am able to create a magical margin for new things to come into my life. I follow this up with a super salty soak in my tub and then snuggle under the covers for a night of deep sleep.

Want to join me? Here is what you will need:

  • Candles to light up your space

  • Sage or Palo Santo Incense (if you use actual Palo Santo - please research and do the work to confirm it is ethically sourced)

  • Your favorite writing pen

  • Strips of paper (I repurpose junk mail envelopes or use natural items like river birch bark or dried leaves.)

  • Heat-safe bowl filled with water and (optional) botanicals

  • Matches

  • Journal

  • Cozy space with pillows and blankets

  • Wolf Moon Meditation Playlist

Ritual Steps:

  1. Prepare a cozy spot with a blanket, pillows, and your favorite sacred items that represent your Spiritual Walk.

  2. Dab a bit of Frankincense or Rose oil on your chakra points and the bottoms of your feet. If you don’t have essential oils, use a fragrance that brings you peace.

  3. Create your burn bowl with water and add in the botanicals you chose. I like to include a spring of rosemary, a bit of cedar, lavender, and some rose petals.

  4. Light the candles and incense.

  5. Turn on some soothing music. The Wolf Moon Meditation Playlist (link above) is a great option. The howls add a fierceness to this ceremony!

  6. Think about all of the things you want to RELEASE. I find it helps to journal them out before I put them on the strips of paper. Here are a few prompts to help you: One thing that’s been holding me back lately is… I find myself playing small when… I feel anxious about…

  7. Write each one out on its own strip of paper/leaf.

  8. Then as you burn it, read it out loud and say I choose to release this now.”

  9. Drop it in the bowl of water. It doesn’t need to burn all the way before you place it in the water.

  10. Once you have released each one, say this out loud: “I rejoice in releasing all that no longer serves me or my highest purpose. I lovingly let go of all people, places, and things that prevent me from being true to myself and make room for things that will serve me and my highest purpose. And so it is. Amen”

  11. Take some time to sit or lay down and listen to the entire meditation.

  12. When you’re ready, take the bowl of papers and bury them outside. If you can’t get outside, simply remove/recycle the papers and put the water down the drain.

  13. After you have completed your ceremony, you may feel heavy and want to soak in a hot cleansing bath or take a steamy shower to wash all of the residual energy away. Pour a relaxing, salty bath to help you pull out those toxins from your body. Let this also help to quiet your mind and prepare you for a calming, deep sleep.

Enjoy all of the Divine Feminine energy over the next few days, my beloved.


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