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Full Wolf Moon 2024

The inaugural Full Moon of the year will be at her fullest at 9:54am PT tomorrow. This celestial event marks a dynamic start to 2024. Since she will be in Leo, get ready for a surge of self-expression, passion, and undeniable charisma reminiscent of the lion-hearted Leo. This feels like confirmation of my vision for this year. Not only am I a Leo... my word for 2024 is ROARING!

During the heart of winter, the Full Wolf Moon reminds us this is a time of stillness. She also inspires radical self-reflection and self-love. I encourage you to soak in these beams and step deeper into your truth. Take the time to plant seeds of courage to try new things, revel in moments of introspection, and celebrate who you are today and who you will become this year.

Here are some ways to honor and celebrate this Full Moon:


As with most Full Moons, it is an excellent time to charge all of your favorite baubles, crystals, and creative tools… as well as brew a batch of Moon Water!

Here are some of the things I set out: water, skincare, essential oils, favorite crystals, jewelry, and other baubles… I also set out creative tools I use like my pens, journal, paints, glasses, and my favorite mug.

Why charge water under the moonlight?

The close connection between the moon and water allows for the infusion of lunar energy into the liquid. You can use your moonbeam water for various things, including ritual baths, crafting cocktails, and conducting dissolving rituals. To brew your own batch of moon-infused water, fill a container with filtered water, position it directly under the moonlight, speak an affirmation or prayer over it, and allow it to sit overnight in the moonlight. By the morning, the moon water will be ready… be sure to bring it inside before the sun comes up and store it in a dark, cool space.


Pair your self-reflection time with soaking in a hot, salty bath. I share one of my favorite Full Moon Bath rituals here


Tap into this moon's divine power with mindful meditation moments.

Find a comfortable spot under the moonbeams, close your eyes, and engage in deep, rhythmic breathing. 

Breathe for 4. Hold for 4. Exhale for 4. Hold for 4.

Imagine your ideal life, allowing the moon's energy to intensify your vision. 

Concentrate on your intentions, picturing the moon's radiant glow purifying your body, mind, and spirit as you feel the feelings you will feel when those visions become reality!

Take it to 11 with my Full Wolf Moon Meditation playlist and complement this divine time.


Yes. You read that right. HOWL AT THE MOON.

Invite friends to join you and create your own Wolf Pack...

Go ahead, I dare you.


When you are ready, here are some journal prompts to help you harness the power of this delicious Leo energy:

1: What can I do to bring more passion to my relationship with myself and/or my partner?

2: How can I infuse more joy into my professional life?

3: What changes can I make to my daily routines and rituals to make them more fun and sacred?

Don’t want to answer these prompts?

Consider drawing an image or writing a poem inspired by the questions!

Whether you choose to invest some extra moments meditating, journaling, drawing, writing poetry (haikus are a favorite of mine!), or savoring a salty soak - taking the time to honor this Full Moon is a divine gift to give yourself!

Wrapping You in Love and Light,

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