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July 2023 Full Buck Moon

The Full Buck Moon will reach her fullest self at 4:40a PT on July 3rd.

In honor of connecting with the water element and the mystical, magical side of Capricorn, it’s a great time to do a water ritual. Slow down and listen to your soul whispers and gentle, intuitive reminders. The Full Moon is known as a time to release and let go. She illuminates the darkest of corners, making it a perfect time to shine light into your own life and assess what is and isn’t working.

I am creating a morning Goddess Bath Ritual to help prepare me to reflect and release what is no longer for me.

Enjoy this process of preparing, soaking, reflecting, and releasing!

1. Clear and Create Sacred Space

Clean your space with intention. Clear everything from around your tub and only put back that which adds divine energy. Consider sprinkling in sacred sensuality with candles, music, and incense.

As you clean, repeat this: “I cleanse my space with love and light. My home is attuned to the highest vibration. My space is prepared. This place is protected. May calm, peaceful, loving energy surround every person who enters.”

2. Prepare Your Bath Water

Whether you are a fan of bubbles, salts, or oils - choose your scent based on the feelings you want to feel more of in the month ahead. Do you seek to feel more confident, loved, patient, or at peace? Think about this and then do a quick search to pair it with an essential oil/scent that will support your vision.

If you have moon water left over from a previous month, add some of that to your water. Save a little to pour over yourself while you are in the water.

3. Gather Crystals and Nature’s Beauty

You chose the scent to support the feelings you wanted to feel more in the month ahead - now it is time to gather crystals that will amplify them for you. I am revisiting the intentions I set on the last New Moon and gathering those crystals to support my desires:

  • Clarity of Vision Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Citrine, Tourmaline, Selenite, Malachite, Pyrite, Aventurine

  • Magnetic Connections Amethyst, Sodalite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Lace Agate

  • Peace in the Process Turquoise, Amazonite, selenite, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Amazonite, Citrine

  • Joy in the Outcome Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Amethyst

Flower petals (I have gorgeous orange roses to use in my bath water and around my tub) or a bouquet of herbs are also lovely additions to your experience.

As you stir your water, say a blessing over your ceremony.

“I am love and light. I let go of any fears that are surrounding me and blocking me from moving forward. May this water wash away all that is no longer for me and prepare me for what is coming my way. I accept the divine healing energy and move through my body. ”

4. Layer in Luxury

Luxury means something different to each of us. I enjoy soothing my skin with a deliciously scented facial masque, preparing a freshly washed and warm towel, and laying out a soft goddess gown to slip into after my bath making my experience feel special.

Think about what would make your experience special and gather those items.

5. Soak In Your Gratitude

As you sink into the delicious water, enjoy a moment of gratitude. What are you thankful for in your life - right now? Say each thing out loud as you soak in the healing water.

6. Nourish Your Skin

Take the time to intentionally dry off with a luscious, clean towel. Then, get ready to nourish your skin now. Sunflower oil is my favorite ingredient for this part of the ceremony. I'll be adding in a little Pink Pepper, Rose, and Vanilla essential oil. This is a delicious part of the body + soul ritual, so be sure to savor each body part. As you rub in the oil, thank your body for her strength, grace, and love - even in those moments, you did not love her. She deserves your attention and is grateful for it.

7. Head Outside + Journal Your Vision

Now, put on your Goddess Gown or favorite comfy clothes and head outside to write down your vision and the answers that were downloaded to you during your soak while sipping your favorite morning beverage. Journal prompts to help you connect to this Full Moon's Energy:

  • What goals or intentions have I set this year that I am ready to release?

  • What or who is no longer in alignment with who I am today?

  • What do I need to feel secure and supported enough to thrive?

  • Is my physical space reinforcing my vision or is clearing out required?

  • What goals, plans, and intentions am I ready to set to help me achieve what I want to accomplish in the next half of the year?

8. Carry Your Crystals

The crystals you used are now divine generators of your vision. Carry them in your pockets and let them be a reminder of the visions you cast during your Full Moon Bath Ritual.

Beloved, I pray you are able to find sacred time to bless yourself with this ritual.

Wrapping You in Love + Light,

Bath Tub w/ Citrus Photo by Heidi Kaden on Unsplash

Woman with Daisies Photo by Isi Parente on Unsplash

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