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August Full Sturgeon Super Moon

It is officially birthday month, and the Heavens are full of wild, wonderful energy to celebrate!

Today is the first of two Super Full Moons this month. The Full Sturgeon Super Moon will be at her fullest at 11:32am PT.

We also have Lion’s Gate coming on 8/8, and then we wrap the month up with the second Full Blue Moon on August 30! More on those later this month…

WOmanifestation and completion are creating the divinely powerful VIBE of this month - and I am here for it!

Here are four powerful insights and a wild woman ritual to embrace:

1: Powerful Activating Energy

Now is the perfect time to breathe life into a collaboration and assemble a team for a project you’ve been dreaming about or putting off. Revel in the energy of each other’s ideas, shine a light on one another’s strengths, and bring your individuality to the table!

2: Awaken Traditions

What is calling you? Maybe it is time to dust off your great-grandmother’s recipes, plant heirloom seeds (marigolds, watermelon radishes, and kale are on my list!), set the table with heritage China, or read the poetry book you inherited from your grandmother.

3: Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Embrace living life as your authentic self this month… that favorite, effortless version you often reserve only for yourself. Release the “need” to conform to anyone’s expectations. Step up and into the light to express your truest self and magnetic essence!

4: Ditch the Senseless Hustle + Habits

Take a look at your daily patterns. What feels tired and uninspiring? Consider a new approach to your routine. For instance, I replaced my coffee ritual with a delicious new alternative MUD/WTR - and I also replaced my creamer with Silk Oatmeal Cookie Oat Milk Creamer. I no longer feel the anxiety or stress on my nervous system that coffee delivered, AND I still have a lovely morning beverage ritual.

5: Wild Woman Water Ritual

Aquarius is “the water bearer.” This sign is a metaphor for emotional clearing and transmutation. Over the next few days, set aside time to collect the limiting thoughts you are carrying and the emotions you are ready to clear and clean out.

Items to Gather:

  • Cleansing tool of choice - Palo Santo, Incense, Sage, etc.

  • Bowl of water - if you have a beautiful crystal bowl you love or a family heirloom - use that!

  • Body Oil or Lotion

  • Essential Oils:

    • Relaxation: Bergamot. Rose. Lavender.

    • Balancing: Sweet Orange. Geranium. Ylang Ylang If you grow any of these in your garden, gather them for your space, as well!

  • Crystals:

    • I will be using: Moonstone. Green Aventurine. Sodalite. Amethyst. Clear Quartz.

  • Journal and Pen

1: Start the music and clear any clutter in your space.

2: Next, cleanse the energy of your space and balance your sacred energies. I love to start at my feet and lift the smoke and energies up through my crown. Read through these mantras as you cleanse each chakra. (New to this? Check out the chart below.)

  • Root: I am present in each moment. I feel connected to Mother Earth and her energy. Imagine red light here.

  • Sacral: I feel creative energy flowing through me. I put beautiful energy out into the world. Imagine orange light here.

  • Solar Plexus: I release shame and call in empowerment. I release criticism towards myself and others. Imagine yellow light here.

  • Heart: I see the divine light in every being that I meet. I love my life and all of its blessings. Imagine green light here.

  • Throat: My truth is divine and deserves to be heard. I honor my self-expression as a sacred gift. Imagine blue light here.

  • Third Eye: I possess divine intuitive wisdom and discern what is true from what is untrue. Imagine indigo light here.

  • Crown: I release all limiting beliefs and RE-member that everything is always working out for me. Imagine violet or gold light here.

As you complete this cleansing, imagine a golden ray of protective, healing light around you and filling your space. You are now filled with the purest, most loving energy and your space is filled with hope, joy, and peace.

3: Grab your journal and write out three things you would like clarity on or desire to release.

4: Bring your bowl of water up towards your mouth and speak those three things out loud - over the water.

5: Place your bowl at your feet. You can either sit or lay down near it - as you wish. Focus on the feeling you will feel when those three things are fully released. Revel in the joy, relief, or __________ you will experience. Relax and listen to the meditation music… simply BE in this moment. Listen for any insights or messages that you receive.

6: After your meditation is complete, take your bowl of water and set it outside or on the window sill to charge under the light of the Full Sturgeon Super Moon.

7: While it is soaking in the moonbeams, it is self-love, soul-care time! If taking a bath or shower is your evening ritual, do that now. Once you are dry, rub your body oil or lotion into your heart center using circular motions… each circle soothing, recharging, and restoring your heart energy.

I am deeply loved.

I radiate divine love.

I am love.

8: Gather your bowl of water. While holding it in both hands, speak these words over it…

“My intentions are already manifesting opportunities and weaving magic into my life’s tapestry. This water has soaked up those things I wished to release and brought me the clarity I wished to receive. My intentions are now released from this water. It is clear and pure.”

As you pour it out, say:

“As I return this water to the Earth, I am grateful. May this blessed water bring purity to my Soul and all those who walk upon the Earth.”

9: Before you crawl under your cozy covers for a restful sleep, journal your thoughts so you are able to reflect on them throughout the month.

Enjoy soaking in the moonbeams and meditation time, my beloved.

Wrapping you in love and light,

Violet Full Moon Photo byJohnny Kaufman on Unsplash

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