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June's Full Strawberry SuperMoon

The Strawberry Full Supermoon will be its fullest at 4:52am PT on June 14th.

June’s Full Moon is named for the wild, ripe, and bountiful strawberry harvest that typically occurs this time of year. June’s Strawberry Moon spiritual meaning embodies the magic and fullness of life.

Fun facts: Did you know that strawberries are known as a divine food of LOVE and they represent the goddess Freya?

As I often share, please take some time tonight to set out your water, skincare, essential oils, favorite crystals, rings, and other baubles… I also set out creative tools I use like my pens, journal, paints, glasses, etc. Charge them all under these divine moonbeams!

Everything I am reading is reminding us to be intentional under this Full Moon’s majesty!

Find some quiet time over the next few days to focus on really honoring your favorite spiritual or creative practices. Invest some extra moments in meditation, journaling, drawing, writing poetry (haikus are a favorite of mine!), taking a walk in the rain, strolling on the sandy beach, or coloring in your favorite color book.

Consider journaling using one or both of these prompts:

1: What do I want to do this summer?

Whatever you are dreaming of - be super specific in this exercise - including how you will feel while you are doing each activity!

2: Which of the goals and intentions I set during the Winter have I accomplished?

Write out anything that may be holding you back and celebrate how far you have come!

Intentionally surround yourself with the colors that reflect the Strawberry Full Moon - red, orange, yellow, and pink. I plan to spend time learning more about my citrine and rose quartz crystals, as well.

If you have a local strawberry farm, go and pick some - fresh off the vine. Short on time? You can keep it simple and purchase fresh organic strawberries from your local market. Be sure to take a moment to truly enjoy their beauty. Gaze at all of the little seeds popping out of the vibrant red skin… and delight in each scrumptious, juicy bite while sitting beneath the Full Moon.

Gather your sisterhood together and serve Strawberry Daiquiris or Margueritas and dance under the moonlight.

Strawberries remind me of my Grandma K, so I will be savoring strawberries over a little vanilla ice cream - just as she served them to Grandpa and me.

What is your favorite way to snack on these delish berries? I would love to know!

Happy Moon Beam Catching, Beloved!


Pink Clouds w/ Moon photo by Jake Weirick on Unsplash

Daiquiri photo by aliet kitchen on Unsplash

Strawberry photo by Artur Rutkowski on Unsplash

ps. There are so many alternative names for this month’s moon…

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, other Native American peoples gave different names to the June full moon, including the Blooming Moon (Anishinaabe), Green Corn Moon (Cherokee), Hoer Moon (Western Abenaki), Birth Moon (Tlingit), Egg Laying Moon or Hatching Moon (Cree). It is also called the Mead Moon (Celtic), Summer Starting Moon (daa’za-mea’) Shoshone Great Basin, Nevada, Wyoming, Hot Weather Begins Moon (Ponca Southern Plains), Harpa or Skerpla Moon (Ancient Norse), Moon of the Turtle (msheke’kesis) Potawatomi Great Lakes, Rose Moon (European), Planting Moon (European), Moon of Birthing (Ignivik) Inupiat Language, North Slope, Alaska, and Honey Moon (European)!

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