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October Full Hunter Moon

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

It's time to celebrate the Full Hunter Moon. Also known as Sanguine or Blood Moon (English Medieval), Changing Season Moon (Sioux Great Plains), and many others. See the list at the end of this post.

She will be at her fullest on October 9, 2022, at 1:54pm PT.

This year’s Hunter Moon, I will be focused on internal work, self-reflection, and releasing that which must go... and invite you to join me. As we begin the dark half of the year - it is time to accept and welcome the darkness with open arms and spirit.

My three focuses this Moon are connected to my 2022 Guiding Word - SOVEREIGNTY:

  • Balance my feminine and masculine energy

  • Gratitude for what is in flow in my life - grace over what isn't

  • Shadow Work around what is triggering

Here is a handful of journal prompts to work with you as you soak in the moonbeams.

What will I no longer accept?

☄️ Self-limiting beliefs?

☄️ Abusive behavior?

☄️ Overworking and endless hustle?

☄️ Procrastinating?

Who am I ready to release from my life?

✂️ ⁠The Vision Vampire friend who can never seem to find a supportive word for you on your journey?

✂️ The Energy Vampire who sucks the life out of you every single time you’re together?

✂️ The clients you knew immediately weren’t a fit - yet a scarcity mindset kept you from referring them to a colleague?

Is there anything else standing in the way of me owning my sovereignty as a radiant, divinely powerful being?

🔥 Be honest with yourself here. Sit with that first thought that came to mind and reflect on it... there is healing work here for you, my beloved. If you are stuck here, consider talking to your ancestors who have lived and ascended before you. Ask them for guidance. Talk with God and ask the question during your prayers. Be OPEN.

I encourage you to take time to write out the answers to the questions that resonate with you in your journal and then write them on small slips of paper, bark, or leaves you've collected in your yard. Take those small slips and perform a burning ceremony to honor the release! I shared my burning ceremony process in this post. Please be very careful with fire this time of year. If you are nervous about it - you can simply go outside and bury your pieces of paper instead.

When you’re done writing, burning, and ready to close your ceremony - weave in a simple statement of closure. I love using “Amen. Aho. Blessed Be. And so it is.” It wraps and honors my spiritual practices together.

Of course, my favorite way to end every Full Moon day is to prepare and take a Full Moon Bath. Soaking your divine temple cleanses your body and your mind. I will be using Amethyst, Quartz, Moonstone, Bloodstone, and Carnelian tonight!

Before the moment slips away, be sure to gather your filled water vessels and gather your bits and baubles for divine moonbeam blessings tonight. Add additional items like your journals, pens, skincare, and other creative tools to soak in the divine energy. I like to set these out while I am running my bath water.

I am wrapping you in love and light as you slow down to care for yourself - body, mind, soul, and spirit.


ps. If you haven't already - start thinking about how you’d like to celebrate October, Samhain, and Halloween.


October Full Hunter Moon Alternative Names

  • Harvest Month (duninvdi) Cherokee Native American origins

  • Kindly Moon (Chinese)

  • Time When the Corn is Taken In (Apache Native American origins)

  • Haustmánuður (Norse)

  • Deer Rutting Moon (Cheyenne Great Plains Native American origins)

  • Seed Fall Moon (Celtic)

  • Changing Season Moon (Sioux Great Plains)

Photo by Jerry Ling on Unsplash

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