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October Full Hunter Moon

Shrouded in a lunar eclipse and mystery…

This Full Hunter Moon in Taurus is at Her fullest at 1:24pm PT on October 28, 2023. I will be soaking in the moonbeams here in Northern Ireland - if She shows herself.

The October Full Moon traditionally marks a time for hunting and gathering in preparation for the winter months ahead. It's a time to store food and make provisions for the colder days. I am encouraging you to step beyond your norm, discover your fullest potential, and dance in the discomfort! See this as a significant period for introspection. Take time to reflect, forgive, release, and take action to pursue your dreams.

Then, add the Lunar eclipse. They emphasize the conclusion of emotional cycles, urging us to release attachments that no longer benefit us or serve our highest purpose. They usher in events aligned with our spiritual journey, often involving change we can choose to step into confidently.

Many cultures have their own rituals and traditions associated with the Hunter Full Moon phase. Many believe the Veil between this world and the other more mysterious lands of ancestors and spiritual beings of all kinds is thin and contact is easier during this time period.

Here are some ways to honor this Full Moon:

1: Connect with your ancestors to change or deepen your relationships with them. Design a lovely space with flowers, their favorite snack, write a letter or poem, etc - include a photo of them (with you - if you have one!), as well.

2: Clear the clutter in preparation for the hygge living ahead! Schedule time to take care of chores that have been postponed. One drawer at a time…

3: Warm yourself from the inside out. Brew and sip your favorite Peppermint or Elderberry tea.

4: CAN CAN CAN it! Make jams or can extra fruits and veggies. This is a divine act your ancestors likely engaged in, too!

5: Ready to call in abundance? Grab your Citrine crystal and repeat these intentions/prayers:

"I am abundantly creative. My life is overflowing with joy."

"I easily attract what I need. I embrace my success & confidence.”

“I am a magnificent magnet for money.”

Beloved, I will be holding sacred space for you as you soak in the beams wherever you are. If you feel moved, please let me know how you decided to honor the Full Moon…

Wrapping you in love and light,

ps. Want to sprinkle in some music? Check out my ever-growing playlist!

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