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June New Moon Goddess Bath

It’s a New Moon Day and that means the next few days will be filled with intention setting, goddess bath rituals, and meditation.

Every New Moon offers new beginnings and a chance to look at things from a different perspective. Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign and encourages us to assess our emotional stability and security, as well as the foundation our lives stand upon. Right now, this is paramount - for so many reasons.

This month, I am feeling the pull to slow down, listen to the voice inside, rest, and tend to my mental health... and that, to me, is a divine calling to design a Goddess Bath experience for myself.

My Goddess Bath rituals are intimate, spiritual baths that I weave together with ceremonies using special herbs, flowers, essential oils, light, and prayerful intentions.

Bathing in this manner on and near the New Moon is a symbolic act of cleansing the body, mind, soul, and spirit of anything you are ready to release and preparing yourself to manifest opportunities in the month ahead.

These bathing rituals are luscious and luxurious and should be experienced at a slower pace than usual. Depending on your desired intention and ingredients, they will assist you in feeling more confident, peaceful, exhilarated, focused, etc.

My 13 divinely feminine steps to preparing my Summer Goddess New Moon Bathing Ritual:

1. Clean the tub and surrounding areas. Starting with a fresh space is key to being able to fully relax and savor the experience. While you are clearing this space, begin thinking about the feeling you want to feel more of in the month ahead.

2. Make sure to have a freshly washed and dried robe and warm towels to make it extra special when you get out of the bath. I love using yellow towels and citrus-colored gowns to honor the Sun and Summer.

3. Choose your mood-setting music. I have a few playlists prepared for these occasions and highly recommend you do the same. Here is a New Moon Meditation option to inspire you.

4: Prepare your post-soak meditation space. I gather my yoga mat with pillows, extra towels, and a soft sheet to keep my space cool. If the temps are high, I will also have a fan or AC on to keep the space comfortable.

5: Assemble your post-soak tray with your special candles, incense, palo santo, essential oils, flowers and/or flower petals, and any other special items you use when you meditate. Gather your summer-inspire crystals, too. For me, that means my Aquamarine, Orange Calcite, Tiger Eye, Amber, Bumblebee Jasper, and Citrine. Be sure to include a big glass of ice water to keep you hydrated or a lovely herbal/peppermint tea.

6. Bring together what you will need while you are soaking - your journal, pen, candles for around the tub, fresh flowers/petals, music, bubble bath or a bath bomb, and any of the essential oils you chose to support the feelings you are seeking to manifest.

7. While you are filling your tub with water, breathe deeply - in and out, add in your favorite bubble bath and slowly start lighting the candles around the tub. If you have a singing bowl play it and soak in the sounds. If you have any charged Moon Water, now is a wonderful time to add it to your bathwater. As you gently stir the bubbly water in a clockwise motion to mix it all together, recite this:

I am divinely protected at this moment.

As I set my intentions, my Soul is making room for all that is to come.

I boldly own my own magic and light.

I release the need for external validation and will let myself shine brightly.

I honor the purpose residing in me and

I am open to receiving love, joy, and abundance.

8: When the bath is ready, disrobe slowly and hang or lay your robe aside with intention.

9: While you are soaking in the bath, think of things you are ready to release, something that has served its purpose and you are ready to let go. You want this ritual to wash away any thoughts or feelings that don’t serve your intention. If you are comfortable putting your head under the water, do a full plunge for a personal baptism moment to seal the cleansing ceremony.

10: When you’re ready, grab your journal and write out your intentions for the month ahead. Use first-person language - as you are claiming they have already happened! Scribe out as many details as you’d like, including the gratitude you feel for the blessings in your life.

11: Stay in the tub as you let the water drain. Repeat this until the water is completely gone.

I release all that no longer serves my soul’s calling or growth

I wash it away so that I may start anew

With a renewed focus on embracing peace in this process.

I look forward to the possibilities.

In perfect time

In perfect alignment

And so it is. As the last drops leave the tub - end it with Amen. Aho. Blessed Be. (Or whatever your favorite closing to prayer is!)

When you are ready to exit the bathtub, grab your towel and wrap it around you. Do not rub your body dry, rather let your skin air dry while you are relaxing in your prepared post-soak meditation space. Rest in this sacred space with the music and candlelight as long as you’d like - meditating on the intentions you set while soaking.

12: Take the time to nourish your skin now. Coconut oil is my favorite ingredient for this part of the ceremony. I'll be adding in a little Pink Pepper, Rose, and Vanilla essential oil. This is a delicious part of the self-love ritual, so be sure to savor each body part. As you rub in the oil, thank your body for her strength, grace, and love - even in those moments, you were not loving to her. She deserves your attention and is grateful for it.

13: When you are ready, slip into your goddess gown or robe and reflect on the inspiration and insight that came to you during your ritual.

Goddess Sister, I pray you are able to find sacred time to bless yourself with this ritual.


ps. As always, please be sure to extinguish all of the candles before you fall asleep!

Bathing Photo by Isi Parente on Unsplash

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