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Lion's Gate 8/8

Each year on August 8, we're given a potent opportunity to manifest, thanks to the opening of the Lion's Gate portal. Curious to learn more?

The name comes from the idea that this alignment creates a "portal" for manifestations to take place, with "lion" coming from the sun in Leo.

The Lion's Gate portal occurs during Leo season, specifically around the peak of Leo season, amplifying the themes of this sign. Being a Leo myself - it brings me so much joy to celebrate this day!

In numerology, 8 is a significant number representing harmony and infinity. As a double number, 88 means you are moving toward change. This is a time to accept necessary endings so you can be fully open to receiving new opportunities.

Now is the time to focus on what you want to have or be and put it out into the Universe. Think big because Leo never does anything small. Whether you're trying to welcome abundance into your life, launch something new, or desire to become a better version of yourself, this is your time to set those intentions.

I am in Vegas at a conference, so I will do a more intense ceremony when I get home. For now, I am reflecting on these journal prompts. I invite you to join me...

I will leave you with this poem:

Call of the Wild Woman

Be a wild woman, set yourself free,

from the constraints of culture and the patriarchy.

Be a wild woman, howl at the moon,

dance naked round the fire, listen to the wisdom of the womb.

Be a wild woman, swim in the open sea, sing like a mermaid, wail like a banshee.

When you're standing in your power, shining in your light, you're (not too much, you're not too bright.

Release the lies that you were told, the stories you were sold, the examples you were set, the standards you never met.

Be a wild woman, speak to Mother Earth, run with the wolves, be in tune with nature's rebirth.

Be a wild woman, break every rule,

use your voice, speak the truth, your soul's greatest tool.

Be a wild woman, a witch, a goddess, a sisterhood of divinity.

Be a wild woman, come and join me.

Release self-loathing, judgement and blaming.

No more hiding, comparing, competing or shaming.

Step away from conditioning designed to keep you silent and keep you small,

Now is the time to answer this call.

Be a wild woman, set yourself free.

Proclaim, I am a wild woman, and this is me!

~By Jessica Wildes

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