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Celebrating Mary Magdalene

Happy Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day!

I love this Holy Day and setting aside time to reflect on the incredible Mary Magdalene.

This year, I am using the brand new Oracle cards that Meggan Watterson released this week... and they are STUNNING!

"The Mary Magdalene Oracle is about a vision of radical love that formed long before Christianity became a formal religion in the 4th century, long before Mary's gospel was excluded, destroyed, and buried. It's a vision of humanity as a beloved community that risked their lives to recognize each other as equals—innately worthy of love, no matter their status within the Roman Empire. And it's about a vision that Christ gave Mary to then give to us, then and now—to see less with the ego and more with the eye of the heart.

Each of the 44 cards reveals a key aspect of the transformation that her gospel seeks to inspire within us. Each card is meant to remind us of the truth that we are comprised of a massively human ego as well as a divinely merciful soul. So that we can do the life-altering inner-work of bringing love to where it has never been before."

Get yours here:

Want to know more about her?

Molly and I had a wonderful conversation about Mary Magdalene on Spill the Tea.

You can listen here:

or catch the podcast at the links below.

Highlights of our chat...

In 2016, Pope Francis bumped this “memorial” into a full feast day of the Catholic church, making St. Mary Magdalene the only woman other than Mary (the Mother of Jesus) to have an actual feast day above memorial level.

In the Catholic religion, she’s the Patron Saint of Women.

Truths About Mary Magdalene:

🌹 She was a beloved disciple of Jesus

🌹 She wrote her very own Gospel (Check out Karen King’s translation.)

🌹 She was present as Jesus took his final breath on the cross

🌹 She discovered the empty tomb on Easter

🌹 She is known as the “Apostle of the Apostles”

Yes - a teacher + missionary of men!

🌹 She was portrayed Scripturally to have a primary role over Jesus’ female followers

🌹 She is an anchor for the feminine and masculine divine flames

I love thinking about how brave Mary Magdalene was to be present as her Koinōnos (Greek for Companion) Jesus was crucified - when many other apostles hid to avoid being arrested.

Now here are some things that St. Mary Magdalene was NOT:

🌹 she was not a prostitute

🌹 she was not the woman from the Bible that washes Jesus’ feet with her tears and her hair

Do you know how the lies started?

The portrayal of Mary Magdalene as a prostitute began after a series of Easter sermons delivered in 591 when Pope Gregory I conflated Mary Magdalene, who was introduced in Luke 8:2, with Mary of Bethany (Luke 10:39) and the unnamed “sinful woman” who anointed Jesus’s feet in Luke 7:36–50.

Let me be clear. THE POPE MADE IT UP, and this outrageous, misogynistic gossip and horrific lie were told for over 1300 years. For well over 11 million hours, this false narrative was shared. Think about that.

When anyone “has concerns” about my questioning and studying the Scripture for myself – I share this story. Then, I let those who aren't ready to explore pray for my Soul. #LetThem

The church finally came forward in the 1960’s, saying there is no reason to believe that Mary Magdalene was either of these other women mentioned in the Bible. One (the “great sinner”) goes unnamed, and it is believed the woman that washes his feet with her tears and dries them with her hair may have been Mary of Bethany, also the sister of Lazarus.

Well into the early 2000's I was still hearing that Mary was a whore turned saint from the pulpit… I am sure many of you reading this have never heard the truth until today.

It took 1,425 years for the church to truly honor Mary Magdalene in a manner fitting her part of the story and the red threads she connected when she walked this planet.

She deserves extraordinary celebration!

🌹 May we all wake up and recognize the focus and wisdom of Divine Feminine energy... and allow it at all of our tables.

🌹 May we all shed the lies spoken over and into us for so many years and proudly celebrate Mary Magdalene as a divine inspiration.

Other topics we cover:

🌹 Not letting terms like saint, goddess, or priestess get in the way of reading and learning about this amazing woman.

🌹 Kenosis

🌹 Gnostic

🌹 Twin Flames

Resource Recommendations:

Mary Magdalene Revealed by Meggan Watterson (

The Woman with the Alabaster Jar by Margaret Starbird

You Are A Goddess by Sophie Bashford

The “flashcards” we talk about:

The Divine Feminine Oracle Cards by Meggan Watterson (

These Divine Feminine cards contain 53 saints, mystics, poets, priestesses, gender rebels, cross-dressers, trailblazers, and holy troublemakers who represent both divine beings and the human women who sought to embody them.

Ready to listen to our chat?

Pour your favorite beverage, pop in your earbuds, snuggle into your coziest spot (or head outdoors for a walk), and get ready to share breathing techniques, meditation moments, and a conversation woven together with divine feminine energy – highlighting our favorite women and goddess archetypes from the book…


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