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May Full Flower Moon + Lunar Eclipse = Burning Ceremony

Beloved, welcome to our shared sacred space.

Today is the Full Flower Moon + and a penumbral Lunar Eclipse! Learn more about eclipses at the bottom of this post…

This Full Moon is all about RELEASING. It’s the perfect time for a cord-cutting ceremony or a burning ritual.

While I normally have my water, baubles, crystals, pens, journals, glasses, skincare, and more out soaking in moonbeams and positive energy, a lunar eclipse carries chaotic energy. I don't know about you, but I don't need additional chaos. ;) Instead, I will be focusing on the ritual below.

I am embracing my desire to release all that no longer serves me, including a couple of negative, hostile people who are hellbent on hurting me, and I am deeply ready to let it all GO. My sacred ritual for this month was an easy choice - a burning ceremony!

Want to join me? Here is what you will need:

Here are the steps:

  1. Clean and declutter your space. Don’t skip this step, please.

  2. Prepare a cozy spot with a blanket and pillows.

  3. Gather your favorite crystals, books, and other sacred items.

  4. Slip into your favorite comfy clothes. Be intentional about choosing them and putting them on your body.

  5. Choose and apply essential oils to your wrists and neck or burn incense infused with herbs or plants like frankincense, rose, jasmine, or vanilla.

  6. Light the candles and incense. Use matches, if possible. Pay attention to the sound of the strike and first flame.

  7. Turn on some soothing music. This Full Flower Moon Meditation Playlist is a great option.

  8. Think about all of the things you want to RELEASE. It helps to write myself a letter or journal them out before putting them on paper strips. Here are a few prompts to help you: One thing that’s been holding me back lately is… I find myself playing small when… I feel anxious about… People I want to forgive and release from my life…

  9. Write each one out on its own strip of paper/leaf and then as you burn it, read it aloud and say “I choose to release this/them now.”

  10. Drop it in the bowl of water. It doesn’t need to burn all the way before you place it in the water.

  11. Once you have released each one, say this out loud: “I rejoice in releasing all that no longer serves me or my highest purpose. I lovingly let go of all people, places, and things that prevent me from being true to myself and make room for things that will serve me and my highest purpose. And so it is. Amen” Then, take some time to sit or lay down and listen to the entire meditation playlist.

  12. After you have completed this ceremony, you may feel heavy - especially with this penumbral Lunar Eclipse energy. Soak in a hot, salty bath or take a steamy shower and use a salt scrub to wash all of the residual energy away and pull out those toxins from your body.

  13. Crawl into bed and enjoy a calming, deep sleep.

Beloved, I pray this ceremony helps you easily and gracefully release the past so you are free for all that is possible now.

Wrapping you in love and light,


ps. Want to know more about eclipses?

Eclipses are harbingers of change — they usher in evolution. During a lunar eclipse, the shadow of the Earth falls across the face of the Moon bringing unconscious feelings to the surface, grounding them in reality. Lunar eclipses are culminations of emotional cycles that have run their course, and they encourage us to let go of emotions and attachments that no longer serve us.

The lunar eclipse will be an extremely powerful time for cleansing our emotional waters and setting intentions for renewal and rejuvenation in the coming months because the energetic cycles of the lunar eclipse tend to extend through the period of next three months after its event.

In a lunar eclipse, the sun momentarily blocks the illumination that creates a full moon, resetting the current emotional cycle and allowing the shadow to reveal what is hidden in our subconscious or keeping us blocked from seeing more clearly. The spiritual aspects of the moon represent our deep emotional tides, and so when the shadow passes over the moon, temporarily ceasing the illumination of our emotional being, there is an opportunity to reveal and transform our current emotional state.

I love learning how other cultures see different aspects of the lunar cycle. According to this article, Ancient Chinese believed a celestial dragon attacks and devours the Moon during lunar eclipses. It was a tradition in ancient China to bang drums and pots and make loud noises during eclipses to frighten that dragon away. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that Rahu’s head chases the sun and moon to devour them to take revenge for being decapitated on their remonstrance for having Amrit (divine nectar meant for the gods).

Photo byMak onUnsplash

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