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New Moon + Planting Intentions Ritual

This weekend is going to be magical. We have a New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and Beltane (aka May Day) - the springtime festival of optimism - all happening! New moons often serve up plenty of hopefulness, excitement, and expectation. When they coincide with a solar eclipse, those emotions can quickly feel incredibly heightened and potentially overwhelming.

To celebrate all of the events and keep grounded, I would like to invite you to join me in a special intention setting ritual and a low-key weekend filled with self-care including aromatherapy, delicious, healthy meals, and gently move your body through yoga or simple stretching.

Preparing Your Space + Self:

🔥 Create a quiet, cozy, beautiful spot to sit. Take time to prepare this space with items that make you comfortable like pillows, blankets, a fan/heater… you get the idea. Most importantly, focus on infusing love and peace as you create the space.

🔥 Choose comfy clothes. My go-to is one of my goddess gowns… choose something flowy that doesn’t bind.

🔥 Carve out as much quiet, alone time as you can.

🔥 Turn on some meditation music.

🔥 Light some candles and, if you use incense or palo santo - light that, as well.

🔥 Pour a luscious libation like your favorite tea from Intentionaliteas or a Wild Woman Water.

Gather These Items:

🌱 A houseplant - new or one ready to be transplanted

🌱 Fun pot to plant it in

🌱 Potting soil

📝 Piece(s) of Paper

🖋 Pen

📔 Your journal

I also love to include my favorite cards!

Once you have this all set, it is time to unfurl your soul.

1: Start by taking deep breaths. I continue to recommend Meggan Watterson’s guided breathwork here. Once you feel centered, explore these journal prompts.

The feeling I would like to feel more of in the month ahead is:

The project I would most like to start or finish this month is:

2: Write out a custom affirmation that will help you manifest those feelings and the focus to finish that project!

For example, if you want more joy and to start your book…

”I will enjoy moments of joy as I write today.”

If you would like help writing custom affirmations, you can download my Custom Affirmations Guide here. Use the code Divine50 to save 50%.

3: Grab that extra piece of paper and write out a combined intention that weaves together the feeling you want to feel and the thing you would like to start/finish this month. Write it in your journal, as well, so you remember what you wrote on the paper. :)

4: Gather the houseplant, pot, and soil. Pour some of the soil into the pot, and place your intention in the soil followed by the houseplant. Fill up the pot with extra soil.

5: Place any special rocks, crystals, maybe even a special little statue in the soil with the plant.

6: Water it - if you have any divinely charged moon water - use that. As you water it - speak the intention out loud. Leave a bottle of your moon water near and use it to water throughout the month. If you don’t have any left - be sure to charge some - the Full Moon is ideal, but all moonbeams are sent by God.

7: If you have a singing bowl, add water to the bowl… play it, repeating the intention, and then water the plant with that water, as well.

8: Every day, visit the plant and speak your intention over it. Have fun with your plant- sing to it, share prayers with it, play the singing bowl for it, dance around it… raise the vibration as you speak your intention - out loud! God is always listening…

I am praying this ritual of intentionally connecting with the earth will be healing and rejuvenating.

Amen. Aho. Blessed Be.

Plant photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash

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