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Summer Solstice + The Full Strawberry Moon

The Summer Solstice is today, 6/20/2024, at 1:50pm PT, and marks the longest day and shortest night of the year. It offers a powerful opportunity for reflection, celebration, and a deep connection with the rhythms of nature. As the Sun reaches its apex, it invites us to bask in its warmth, embrace our inner light, and honor the cycles of growth and renewal.

The Full Strawberry Moon is tomorrow, 6/21, at 6:10pm PT, so celebrating these two celestial events together is the perfect way to spend the weekend ahead!

Summer is the time of Yang energy, which represents light, fire, and divine masculine energy. Long, sunny days and hot weather reflect vibrant and full energy. The Summer Solstice is known as the day of “maximum Yang.” It marks the start of Summer and the season of doing and accomplishing.

This is yet another way we humans do things backward. We have been taught to hustle and hurry and go go go in the winter months and chill out in the summer. Nature shows us that Summer is all about getting things done, working on projects, and nurturing the seeds we planted in Spring so we can reap an abundant harvest in the Fall. 

The Summer Solstice celebrates the Sun, life, and abundance. It symbolizes the peak of light and the fullness of life, encouraging us to embrace our fullest potential and shine our brightest. Spiritually, it is a time to:

  1. Celebrate Growth and Abundance: Reflect on your personal growth, the goals you have achieved, and the abundance that surrounds you. This is a time to acknowledge your hard work and the fruits it has borne.

  2. Connect with Inner Light: The solstice invites us to recognize and honor our inner light. It’s a moment to reflect on our spiritual journey, our inner wisdom, and the unique gifts we bring to the world.

  3. Release and Renew: Just as the Sun will begin its descent after the solstice, this is a time to release what no longer serves us and make space for new intentions and growth.

Summer Solstice + Full Strawberry Moon Ceremony Ideas

  • Bonfires: Lighting bonfires is a widespread tradition, symbolizing the Sun's power and ensuring a good harvest. If you don’t have the ability to build a bonfire, a small fire in your firepit or even lighting a candle with these intentions in mind will do!

  • Sunrise Gatherings: People gather at sacred sites like Stonehenge to watch the sunrise, marking the longest day of the year. Visit your favorite sacred space this weekend and watch the sunrise!

  • Flower Crowns: Wearing flower crowns and decorating homes with flowers to honor nature and fertility.

  • Picking Berries: Go for a walk and pick some wild raspberries, blackberries, marionberries, or whatever berry grows in your area. If you don’t have access to picking them yourself, go to a Farmer’s Market this weekend and grab some locally grown. Don’t forget the strawberries to celebrate the Full Strawberry Moon, too.

  • Feasting: Bring your loved ones together to share a meal and incorporate fresh vegetables and locally sourced food.

  • Water Rituals: Some cultures include rituals involving water, such as bathing or floating candles on rivers, to invoke purification and renewal. I will be weaving this into my Full Moon ceremony this weekend to honor both celebrations!

Creating a sacred space for your Summer Solstice + Full Strawberry Moon ceremony can amplify the spiritual energy of this auspicious day. Consider incorporating the following elements in your celebration:

  • Crystals: Utilize crystals that resonate with the Sun's energy, such as Citrine, Sunstone, and Clear Quartz. These stones can help amplify your intentions, bring clarity, and enhance personal power.

  • Colors: Decorate your space with colors that evoke the Sun and its energy. Gold, yellow, and orange are powerful choices, symbolizing vitality, joy, and enlightenment.

  • Nature Elements: Incorporate fresh greenery in your home to honor the earth’s abundance. Add a bowl of water or seashells can represent the balancing element of water. Don’t forget flowers, especially Sunflowers - my personal favorite and the August (birthday month) flower!

  • Candles and Incense: Light candles to symbolize the Sun’s light and burn incense like frankincense or sandalwood to purify your space and elevate your spirit.

Journal Prompts for Reflection

Journaling during the Summer Solstice can provide deep insights and help you align with the season's energy. Here are some prompts to guide your reflections:

  1. What personal growth have I experienced since the last solstice? 

  2. What unique gifts do I bring to the world, and how can I share them more fully?

  3. What old patterns, beliefs, or habits am I ready to release? 

  4. What goals set in January have been accomplished and need to be celebrated? 

  5. Which goals need to be released? 

  6. What new intentions or goals do I want to set for the second half of the year?

  7. In what areas of my life do I feel abundant? 

  8. How can I cultivate a greater sense of gratitude and abundance daily? Consider freshening up your daily rituals. Remember, a ritual is simply a habit made sacred… an everyday action done with intention and with a higher purpose.

Incorporating mantras/affirmations into your celebration can help focus your mind and align your spirit with the season's energy. Here are some powerful mantras to weave in:

  • "I am a radiant being of light, shining my brightest."

  • "I celebrate my growth and the abundance in my life."

  • "I release what no longer serves me and welcome new beginnings."

  • "I honor the cycles of Nature and my own inner cycles."

You know my love of Goddess Studies, so a few powerful women I encourage you to explore this month…

Amaterasu: The Shinto Sun goddess of Japan, known for her bright and life-giving light.

Sol (Sunna): The Norse goddess who personifies the Sun, driving her chariot across the sky.

Aine: (Awe-n-ya - all run together) An Irish goddess of summer, wealth, and sovereignty.

Sekhmet: The Egyptian lioness goddess associated with the scorching heat of the sun. 

This year, I added Sekhmet, a Lioness Goddess, to my pantheon to support my 2024 Word: ROARING. 

Sekhmet is an ancient Egyptian goddess associated with the Sun, war, and healing. She is often depicted as a lioness or a woman with a lioness head, symbolizing her fierce and powerful nature. She was also revered for her ability to bring disease and plague, as well as to cure them, reflecting her dual nature.

Beloved, the Summer Solstice paired with the Full Strawberry Moon is a sacred time to step into your power, honor your journey, and celebrate the light within and around you. As you gather in your sacred spaces, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the warmth of the Sun, allow yourself to embrace this powerful day's energy fully.

May this solstice bring you clarity, joy, and a renewed sense of purpose on your spiritual path.

May your light shine brightly and your heart be full of the Sun's warmth.

Wrapping You in Love + Light,

Sunflower Photo by t. kent on Unsplash

Flower Crown Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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