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November Full Beaver Moon 2023

Monday, November 27, 2023, at 1:16am PT the Full Beaver Moon will be at her brightest.

Curious about the name? This time of year, beavers have begun their annual rituals to prepare for Winter. They remind us it is time to say goodbye to Autumn and lovingly welcome the coming of Winter and the season of Hygge. The Full Beaver Moon encourages careful preparation to create a cozy, secure environment in each luscious layer of your life.

Before you prepare, create a sacred space to slow down, connect to your power, and celebrate yourself and the things you’ve overcome and accomplished in the past month. Then, let go of old patterns and negative, self-limiting beliefs you gathered this month. When you let go, you make the space for new intentions and goals to aspire to in the month and new year ahead.

While I was in Scotland and Ireland, I learned more about Samhain. Celtic tradition honors November and this Full Moon as the beginning of a new year and weaves rituals around transformation, protection, death, ancestors, and shadow work together. I love the connection to Nature’s pattern here. As the leaves are nearly all off the trees, it is time for us to shed what no longer serves us and take time to rest before the season of seeds and growth.

Here are some ways to honor and activate this Full Moon:

  • Soak in guided meditations, breathwork, or yoga to keep grounded and centered in your body.

  • Carve out time to be creative. Is there a crafty project you have been dreaming of? Perhaps holiday gifts you’d like to make yourself?

  • Choose a drawer, closet, or other space to organize.

  • Prepare for holiday festivities by setting up a fun wrapping or coffee/tea station.

  • Invest time outside - even if it’s a short walk. Use your senses to observe all the messages our Creator is giving you to start slowing down for Winter. Take photos of the glorious, leafless trees!

If you enjoy journaling, take some time to contemplate these prompts:

  • Recall the time you wished for what you have now. Write about where you were and how far you’ve come.

  • Have you celebrated the abundance you have and the powerful way you manifested it?

  • Who are you if everything was taken away from you (items, home, career, titles, etc.)?

  • Imagine you’ve suddenly become the version of yourself you’ve been striving to become. Describe in detail what your life feels like and what you're doing on a daily basis. What choices are you making? Then... choose one or two things you can change tomorrow to become this version of yourself!

  • Write down any emotions, thoughts, or physical things you’re ready to release. If you are feeling like taking this to 11, perform a burning ceremony. Details inside this blog post.

Consider turning your bathing time into an intentional ritual for the next few nights. Fill the room with candles, review the above journal prompts, listen to a meditation, or do some breathwork as you soak in the tub.

When you drain the water, repeat this:

I release all that no longer serves my soul’s calling

I wash it away so that I may start anew

With a renewed focus on embracing peace in this process.

I look forward to the possibilities.

In perfect time

In perfect alignment

And so it is.

One more important thought before I head into my ceremony preparations…

This time of year is difficult for so many. Beloved, maybe you are personally being triggered by past traumas or a yearly drama-filled gathering approaching. Please remember to gift yourself with compassion and patience as you navigate the plans you welcome. And, no matter what anyone says, it is completely acceptable not to spend the holidays with people you don’t want to invite over or go see. It may not be accepted by others, but it doesn’t make it any less acceptable. There will be angst and joy in establishing and maintaining new boundaries.

Wrapping you in love and light,

ps. Don't forget to put out your crystals, baubles, tools, journals, etc. It will be an incredible night of divine moonbeam energy!

Full Moon Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash

Beaver Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

Journal Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

Samhain Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Candle Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

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