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May Full Flower Moon 2024

Happy May Full Flower Moon!

This Full Moon offers an opportunity to release outdated beliefs that may unconsciously shape your worldview and limit your potential.

This is the perfect time to work with the power of fire and create a burning ceremony. I intend to release all limiting beliefs and energy/vision vampires who no longer support me on my journey. I am deeply ready to let them all GO.

Want to join me?

Here is what you will need:

  • Candles to light up your space.

  • Incense or Palo Santo (please know where yours is ethically sourced!)

  • Your favorite writing pen

  • Strips of paper (I love using dried leaves that have fallen to the ground.)

  • A heat-safe bowl filled with water

  • Matches

  • Journal

  • Flower Moon Meditation Playlist

Here are the steps:

  1. Clean and declutter your space. Don’t skip this step, please.

  2. Prepare a cozy spot with a blanket and pillows.

  3. Gather your favorite crystals, books, and other sacred items.

  4. Slip into your favorite comfy clothes. Be intentional about choosing them and putting them on your body.

  5. Choose and apply essential oils to your wrists and neck or burn incense infused with herbs or plants like frankincense, rose, jasmine, or vanilla.

  6. Light the candles and incense. Use matches, if possible. Pay attention to the sound of the strike and first flame.

  7. Turn on some soothing music. This Full Flower Moon Meditation Playlist is a great option.

  8. Think about all of the things you want to RELEASE. It helps to write myself a letter or journal them out before putting them on paper strips. Here are a few prompts to help you:     One thing that’s been holding me back lately is…     I find myself playing small when…     I feel anxious about…     People I want to forgive and release from my life…

  9. Write each one out on its own strip of paper or leaf, and then, as you burn it, read it aloud and say, “I choose to release ___________ now.”

  10. Drop it in the bowl of water. It doesn’t need to burn all the way before you place it in the water.

  11. Once you have released each one, say this out loud: “I rejoice in releasing all that no longer serves me or my highest purpose. I lovingly let go of all people, places, and things that prevent me from being true to myself and make room for things that will serve me and my highest purpose. And so it is. Amen” Then, take some time to sit or lie down and listen to the entire meditation playlist.

  12. After you have completed this ceremony, you may feel heavy. Soak in a hot, salty bath or take a steamy shower and use a salt scrub to wash all of the residual energy away and pull out those toxins from your body.

  13. Crawl into bed and enjoy a calming, deep sleep.

Beloved, I pray this ceremony helps you easily and gracefully release the past so you are free for all that is possible now.

Wrapping you in love and light,

Photo by Mak on Unsplash

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