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May New Moon Rituals

Hello, Beloved.

I love this time of year.

The weather is gorgeous here in the Pacific Northwest. The greens are electric, the buds are bursting, and birds are singing… Spring is in FULL EFFECT.

There is a beautiful flow of Divine energy. It is time to plant seeds and set divine intentions for the month ahead.

Here are things you can do to soak in the magic of the New Moon energy.

1: Honor Your Body

Do some Yoga. Take a walk. Schedule a massage or body scrub. Book that mani-pedi you have been putting off. Slather lotion on after a delicious Goddess Bath or long shower… You get the idea. Now is the time to honor your body for all she is and does for and with you.

2: Sprinkle Beauty Around Your World

Whether redecorating one room in your home or adding fresh plants or flowers to brighten up a special corner, invest time this month in adding beauty around you.

3: Take Pleasure in the Little Things

Create a healthy meal. Rub your dog or cat’s belly. Ground yourself walking barefoot in the park or forest. Give yourself a facial. Ask your lover to brush your hair or rub your feet… and ask what would bring them pleasure.

4: Revisit Your Core Values

Where are you honoring your values? Where have you stepped out of alignment from them? Now is an excellent time to review your list, breathe life into it, and intentionally honor them in your words and deeds. If you haven’t done a core values exercise before or are ready to refine yours, please download this complimentary guide.

5: Support Your Intentions Through Journaling

  • What activities or hobbies am I interested in exploring?

  • How do I feel about my finances?

  • What are the ways I can practice better financial planning for my future?

  • What will I do this month to feel cared for and beautiful?

  • What can I do this month to honor my romantic side?

  • Where will I take myself on a date this month?

  • Where do I have room to be more flexible and relaxed?

After you answer these questions, write out some clear intentions for the month ahead to help you focus and honor them.

Most importantly, take some time to indulge in RELAXATION. Take some deep breaths and release the stress from your shoulders… and repeat this affirmation:

I am worthy of receiving abundance every day and in every way.

Wrapping you in love and light,

Cover Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Yoga Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

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