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March Full Sugar Moon

Oh, how I love the Full Moon.

The Full Moon represents a time of expansion, celebration, and completion. It is a wonderful time of the month to schedule quiet time in nature and explore your creativity.

The Full Moon is also the perfect time for some inner work. Over the next few days, ask yourself a couple of questions.

1: What is holding me back?

2: What isn’t going according to my plan? (Pull out your guiding word, goals, or resolutions - and review what intentions you set against what you've accomplished.)

Now, reflect on how this makes you feel.

Then, take some time to journal your negative thoughts.

For instance, did you plan to start a new business by March 1 and you’re not close to opening? That may make you feel shameful for the procrastination or guilty that you spent too much money on other things and didn’t save for your business budget.

Now, take out some individual slips of paper and write out your negative thoughts. If we use the opening a business example…

Your paper might read:

“I release the shame of my procrastination.”

Write out as many as you’d like.

Then, burn each piece of paper. (Safely, please.)

My personal process is to gather my thoughts in a quiet place, next to one of my favorite candles or some incense. Once I have journaled my answers, I tear up some paper (or use some of the dried leaves and bark I gathered on my nature walks) and write out the negative, self-limiting thoughts I want to release.

Then, fill a “heat safe” bowl with water, add in some herbs (rosemary, lavender, sage, and elements of cedar from my garden are always in my bowl), and burn each slip - focusing on releasing my grip on whatever I wrote.

Have a fire pit or fireplace? Those works, too!

If you don’t want to use fire - you can simply place them in a water bowl and then bury them!

I always repeat this during the ritual:

"I release the thoughts that no longer serve me or help me in reaching my highest potential. I am grateful for the lessons each challenge taught me and now call in abundance and positivity for the month ahead.”

When you’re ready to end the ceremony - simply close out by saying “And so it is. Amen.” (or whatever language your sacred practice involves)

As always, gather your water, baubles, crystals, pens, journals, glasses, skincare, and creative tools to set out so they can soak in the moonbeams and positive energy!

Happy Full Moon, Beloved.


This image was posted on one of the groups I'm in on Facebook. It spoke to my soul... praying it resonates with you, as well.

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