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Reclaiming Friday the 13th * October New Moon + Solar Eclipse

The next few days are FILLED with divine feminine energy.

Today is Friday the 13th, and this weekend is the October New Moon and a Solar Eclipse!

Let's start with Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th is a day that is traditionally feared. It involves spooky black cats, avoiding ladders, men in hockey masks killing dingbat campers, etc. These things never scared me, and the gore does not entertain me. Triskaidekaphobia is the actual fear of the number 13, and it is often associated with Friday the 13th. People avoid using the number 13 in various situations, such as avoiding the 13th floor in buildings or not having 13 guests at a dinner party.

Actually, I love black cats - especially those with green eyes. I feel blessed when I see them. I even have a statue of one under my desk that belonged to my Grandma... Tempest keeps me company while I create. :)

Some fun facts:

🔥 Did you know that Friday the 13th was considered the day to honor Feminine Energy prior to patriarchal times?

It was a day when women honored the goddess that lives in them.

Ceremonies were held to honor the powerful cycles of creation, death, and rebirth.

Many (including me) have reclaimed the origins of this day and celebrate it as a very powerful day to manifest, celebrate beauty and creativity, honor wisdom, and invest time nurturing the Soul.

🔥 Did you know Friday has long been associated with Venus? She’s a divine archetype for all things feminine, sensual, and creative.

🔥 Did you know the name Friday comes from Old English and literally means 'day of Frigg'? Frigg is the Norse goddess of love, fertility, and motherhood. She is often seen as the same being as Freya, the goddess of beauty, fertility, sex, and war.

So many divinely feminine connections here...

🔥 Then there is 13 - a divinely feminine number. Why? In part, it is the number of moon cycles each year, and our menstrual cycles flow with those 13 moon cycles. The moon itself represents feminine energy and is connected to and can have a pull on the emotions and sensitivities of humanity.

It is also an extremely powerful time of death and rebirth as it represents that mid-point in the cycle between something new emerging and something old slipping away.

As with many SACRED feminine ceremonies, rituals, and cycles - when society switched from matriarchal to patriarchal - these sacred things were no longer honored or respected. Even the divine cycle of women was made “impure and unclean” and something they were forced to hide. Our feminine nature and ways were now feared because they were unknown. The masculine energy in our leaders jumbled those letters, and sacred became SCARED.

Below is a lovely evening ritual I encourage you to create in your home this weekend.

Next, let's talk about the Solar Eclipse New Moon on October 14th.

It will be a "ring of fire" eclipse and the first U.S. location to experience the eclipse's annular "ring of fire" stage will be the Pacific Northwest at 9:13 am PT.

A solar eclipse is not ideal for my lunar ceremonies because the energy is unpredictable. Since a formidable shadow conceals celestial radiance, I wouldn't advise putting your crystals and baubles out. In short - don't soak the chaos into your world, Beloved.

A 13-step ritual to revel in this weekend:

Photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash

1: Set the mood by finding a quiet, cozy place. Your bedroom or other sacred space would be ideal.

2: Brew yourself a cup or small pot of tea and use your favorite teacup. If you have one from your female ancestors, use it.

3: Light a few candles. Use matches if you have them, and pay attention to the sound of the strike.

4: Choose and apply essential oils to your wrists and neck or burn incense infused with herbs or plants traditionally associated with Venus, like Rose, Jasmine, or Vanilla - mix in Cypress, Myrrh, or Sandalwood to honor nature!

5: Grab your journal and yoga mat (or lay out a blanket), then sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Feel the coolness of the inhale and the heat of the exhale. Quiet your mind and simply BE. Listen to your internal voice; when you identify self-limiting or negative thoughts, write them down and bid them farewell. Documenting your current emotions and experiences in your journal can help bring clarity and redirect your focus, offering valuable insights. You can do a burning ceremony - if you wish. I shared this process in this post.

6: Write down positive affirmations and divine declarations, like, “I am love” and “I am abundance." that help you REPLACE those negative thoughts you are releasing.

Here are a few on replay for me: I am walking into the healthiest, wealthiest, most joyful version of myself I have ever seen.

Everything I desire is coming to me because everything I desire is already in me.

Everything is always working out for me.

7: Grab a pad of sticky notes or a dry-erase pen, add the affirmations to your bathroom mirror, and create a recurring calendar appointment to hold them in the notes so you can revisit each morning/evening. Surrounding yourself with these words will help you attract the energy and abundance you seek by focusing on being Love.

8: The next step is practicing self-love and self-care. Pull your hair back and soak into your nightly skincare routine. Slow down and really appreciate how good that warm washcloth feels and how delicious the moisturizer feels as you massage your face with it. I love using Frankincense on my skin... it nourishes it and smells so divine!

9: Repeat those affirmations on your mirror as you look deep into your eyes and smile at your reflection. Let the words flow into, over, and through you.

10: Now, grab your coconut oil (or fave lotion) and give your whole body some extra love... add in some lavender oil and end by concentrating on your feet. If you have a lover, bring them into this part of the ritual - if you wish.

11: Head back to your yoga mat, sit tall, and breathe in and out - repeating your affirmations.

12: Crawl under the covers, pull out your journal, and pen any additional thoughts or affirmations that came to mind during your meditation moments.

13: Snuggle in and sleep well tonight!

Enjoy implementing this lovely new ritual and reclaiming the Divine Feminine!

Wrapping you in love and light,

Source Posts:

Solar Eclipse Photo by Justin Dickey on Unsplash

Reflection Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash

Divine Feminine Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Horizontal Eclipse Photo by Joseph Corl on Unsplash

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